Beth Balaban

Hi! I'm a video producer and documentary filmmaker. I help researchers, educators and non-profits tell stories.

Meaningful media goes beyond basic facts. Real world impact requires storytelling.

I work with clients to articulate the core message, audiences and target objectives of each project. Then we dig deep into story elements to bring their work to life. The creative medium, approach and style - that's the cherry on top. What matters most is a story about people that engenders empathy, understanding, and engagement.

See my client work.

documentary + design + psychology 

That's my background and blend, and I use it to craft stories that are real, emotional and engaging.

See my documentary work.

Beth Balaban is simply extraordinary! With her astute eye, Beth tells a story through video rather than merely capturing a string of beautiful pictures. You almost feel as if the video emerged in full from your own head. She brings vision to life.
— Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Temple University Professor and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution
Over nearly a decade that I’ve worked with Beth, I’ve appreciated her incredible talent for storytelling, her passion for the art of filmmaking, and her tireless pursuit of knowledge. Her talent is remarkable. Rare is it to see someone who so seamlessly transitions from top level directing and producing to top level DP’ing and editing. She approaches work as she approaches life: with a strong sense of conviction and a healthy sense of humor. I look forward to working with Beth for many years to come!
— Beth Murphy, Director of GroundTruth Films and Founder of Principle Pictures
Beth Balaban is a videographic magician. Her work reflects the intellect of a quick learner and the creativity of a gifted artist. Her remarkable ability to translate complex science into compelling storytelling is particularly astounding.
— Jack Shonkoff, Director of Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University